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From: Kees van Eeten (2:280/5003)
To: All
Date: Mon, 30.03.20 23:43
Zone2 Nodelists distributed from a different system

Due to personal reasons Ward is away from his system for an undefined
period of time. He has asked me to take care of the Nodelist production
for the Z2 files. I run a shadow system that is set up for situations
like this.

I have synchronised the distribution list from the TIC files I received
from, Ward when he last distributed the files.

What changes for those who were wont to receive directly from Ward.

For normal processing add 2:280/5003 to the distribution list on your
system, there is no need to remove 2:292/854. 2:292/854 will be in
the Seenby of the ticfile, so files will not be bounced back to Ward.
Nor is there a need to remove 2:280/5003 when Ward resumes the service.
The tickfiles you will receive then will have 2:280/5003 in the Seenby's.

I do not have secure connections with all system in the distribution,
so with some of you the files will end up in de unsecure inbound.
I encourage you to setup secure connections with 2:280/5003.

If there is sufficient need for availabillity over HTTP and FTP,
I will consider setting up such a service. "It is more convienient",
does not qualify as an need.


--- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5
* Origin: This is the Z2 DAILYLIST echomail conference (2:280/5003.0)


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