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From: Moderator (2:292/854)
To: All
Date: Mon, 29.01.18 15:51
The rulezzz...
Conference rules for DAILYLST File date: Jan 30 2018

1. The EchoMail area DAILYLST is created for the purpose of
communication about the DAILYLST in FidoNet Zone 2.

2. The conference is available with write access to all zone 2 nodelisted
FidoNet sysops. It may be made available read-only to points and users,
Sysops of other networks may be linked at the discretion of receiving
nodes, on a READ ONLY basis. From time to time, other individuals may be
invited to participate.

3. Handles "may" be used, provided the message is "signed." Either the
"from" field or the signature must contain the sysop's real name as
defined in the nodelist.

4. The content is limited in general to matters dealing with the DAILYLST in
Z2. Keep it as close as possible.
No autoposts unless permitted by the moderator. No personal agendas.

5. Personal attacks are ALWAYS off-topic, as are profanity and advertising.
Take your fights elsewhere.

6. If I decide that an individual is in breach of the conference rules or
of the current policy rules, that individual will receive a warning.
If the breach continues, two more warnings will be issued before the
individual's access to the conference will be terminated for a period
to be established at the time such termination occurs.
In cases of extreme misbehavior, immediate termination of access may
be requested from the individual's feed.

Ward Dossche
Moderator of DAILYLST

--- D'Bridge 3.99 SR16
* Origin: This is the Z2 DAILYLST echomail conference (2:292/854)


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