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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12.73)
To: n/a
Date: Fri, 02.11.18 22:02
No compression to one node
On 2018 Oct 30 19:08:30, you wrote to Torsten Bamberg:

MarcL> MarK Lewis pointed out that now-a-days it hardly makes sense to
MarcL> waste compute cycles to archive outbound packets due to the
MarcL> connectivity via the internet now commonly utilised; but still,

:thumbs up:

MarcL> there are traditional Binkley based mailers that require compressed
MarcL> mail bundles with their attendant .?LO files.

actually, not required... BSO doesn't care... as far as the ?LO files go, they
can point to any file to be delivered... it is up to the mail tosser to
determine what and how it presents to the mailer via the BSO...

MarcL> I still have users that come in over POTS line and get their mail
MarcL> and others that telnet into the system to Binkley and pick up mail
MarcL> that way. I'm just going to leave everything alone... It's been
MarcL> working for the last 25 years with few major failures. Smile

that works, too Smile

TB>> Possibly hpt/fastecho can handle uncompressed mail, but I really
TB>> don't know this, because im not using one of them.

MarcL> Every one that I can think of does so, in fact, I believe it's an
MarcL> FTS requirement.

hunh? links??


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