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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
To: All
Date: Sun, 11.12.11 15:25
FTSC election, call for votes
> EC> Persons holding both an RC and a REC position can only vote once.
> Maybe not the best time to take up this issue now, but perhaps something
> have in mind in the future?

Same idea I had. For the future, it seems more fair to me to go one region,
1 vote (and won't matter if it is the RC or REC, let *them* figure that out
between them if there are 2).

> Why the restriction to "persons" here, and not just say, that either the
> or the REC -- but not both -- can cast a vote for it's region? Why let some
> regions cast double votes?
> After all, the vote is supposed to reflect the wishes of the region's
> sysops, isn't it? And surely the RC and the REC of a region will reflect the
> same wish?

If they survey the region, yes, should be same vote then.

I grant the rules this time *clearly* allow both to vote so some regions voted
twice, but I suggest next time we look at that one and possibly ammend it.
t's probably been this way forever and I'm just noticing it for the first
time. No harm no foul this time as votes were cast in accordance with the
rules. If we wanted it changed, we needed to do that before the election

Michael, Bjorn is right. We should make this a topic of discussion once the
election is over.


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