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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
To: All
Date: Sun, 11.12.11 13:18
Explain your actions
> CS> Now, you dropped Ross and forgot his downlinks you assigned to him?
> CS> How many others are caught in this? I went with the feed YOU asked me
> CS> to make.
> I am apparently in the same boat you are. I sent Michiel a NetMail this
> morning on this subject.

I've got relinks in progress and Michael apologized nicely in netmail. Witht
he FTSC group often having 'gaps' with nothing posted sometimes for a month
or 2, it was not obvious. 15NOV was the drop date.

We are to relkink to Scott, Alexey or Michael. Since I have existing
connections with Scott (we poll one another about 60 times a day due to a
game league) I am shifting back to him. Understandably he wants to have a
small set of 'refeeders'.

Scott's system runs very well and very fast but the others are fine too.
email cshenk1 at or netmail 1:275/100 if you need any help at all
getting relinked. (email preferred because Scott and I use that for
battlenet and I can link you fast with that if you go that route. Most of
battlenet doesnt use netmail at all>.

> CS> Ross is the hub you assigned Z1 FTSC members to. By dropping Ross,
> CS> you just dropped all Z1 FTSC most likely without ever TELLING us.
> CS> FTSC echos can be pretty slow so it may not show for a bit.
> I received no warnings here either.
> CS> I'll be netmailing Vince shortly. Once I establish a feed, validated
> CS> FTSC members who have been cut off can come here for a feed. I will
> CS> keep it to validated ones in full agreement with the rules.
> I'll contact you via netmail on this...

I'll work with Michael on this but initially, for a fast fix will do what is
needed if it takes a bit to get a proper relink.

I'll tap Ross shortly and ask for a list of who else he was feeding. Sorry,
I was a bit steamed last night and forgot to do that.
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