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From: alexander koryagin (2:5020/400)
To: All
Date: Sun, 09.12.12 19:14
Fishing in Russia

From: "alexander koryagin"

Hi, Paul Quinn! God bless you!
on Sunday, 09 of December, I read your message to Alexander Koryagin
about "Fishing in Russia"

ak>>>> A wife, cleaning the twentieth fish her husband has brought from
ak>>>> fishing: "I ask you as a human -- drink vodka when you go
ak>>>> fishing with your friends!"
PQ>>> Is that the long-winded way of saying, "drink more, catch less"!
PQ>>> Smile
ak>> It can be a funny phrase and a funny story, created from the
ak>> phrase. Making a story is better. It's longer and film producers
ak>> pay big money. ;=)

PQ> To be honest, Alexander, I'm still trying to understand what the
PQ> wife is trying to convey with her statement. Here's some
PQ> possibilities:

PQ> * are her hands aching from the action of cleaning the fish;

Good try!

PQ> * is she annoyed by the stench of the fish guts; or,

I bet it was not Chanel N'5. ;-) I could add that she was speaking in

PQ> * is she annoyed by the stench of her husband, after he's been
PQ> fishing;

No she doesn't. She's been cleaning fish for quite a time. ;-)

PQ> * is she annoyed by her husband's smell from what he's been
PQ> drinking (moonshine);

No, he was not a rural boor to dring such a thing - he liked fishing
as a typical ugban clerk. ;)

PQ> * is the husband not spending enough time away from home, so that
PQ> she can relax; or,

She couldn't relax because of fish, not because of her husband. Smile

PQ> * is the husband complaining about fishing with his so-called
PQ> friends.

Maybe. For instance, he could be a driver for the company. A most
miserable think on earth. Fishing hard he tried to forget of his bitter
lot. All the day he heard of toast ty him, listened to happy friends
songs and went his anger on fish.

PQ> It is possible to continue with many more reasons why she might
PQ> have made that exclamation but I had better stop. My alternative
PQ> addresses a lot of those reasons succinctly. Why do you think she
PQ> said what she said?

She tired to clean fish, and, besides, such a catch was not the
first time. Imagine, that she saw these piles of fish every weekend.

PQ> Oh, and by the way. My alternative would make a killer 'punch line'
PQ> in a TV advertisement for a brand of vodka! =:)

Yes, it may be. After saying her words she puts a bottle of vodks on
the table and the camera shows the brand at full screen. ;-)

BTW: "... shows the brand at full screen." It seems, that we don't
mean a particular screen, so we don't use any article before "full

[...It's better doing nothing than doing Nothing (c) Leo Tolstoy]
Bye Paul!
Alexander (yAlexKo[] + 2:5020/2140.91
fido7.english-tutor 2012

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