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From: alexander koryagin (2:5020/400)
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Date: Mon, 12.11.12 09:42
What's in fidonews echo?

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From: "alexander koryagin"

Hi, Paul Quinn! How are you?
on Monday, 12 of November, I read your message to Ardith Hinton
about "What's in fidonews echo?"

AH>> Thanks to your recommendation, and to your plot summary...
AH>> akin to my own "1066 & All That" style of explaining the history of
AH>> this weird & wonderful language... Dallas & I ordered a copy of the TV
AH>> series THE ADVENTURE OF ENGLISH as a family Christmas gift to
AH>> ourselves. I'm quite looking forward to it. Smile

PQ> It is certainly a worthwhile investment. I have enjoyed watching it as
PQ> often I could when it was shown on TV here. In recent times I've also
PQ> managed to find seven out of the eight episodes in the series on
PQ> youTube, and it was again a fascinating trip. The presenter has the
PQ> same charisma for the subject matter as did Carl Sagan, for his; they
PQ> each know their stuff.
PQ> I hope that you and Dallas enjoy it also.

Does it say any ideas on the future of English?

[...Legem brevem esse oportet]
Bye Paul!
Alexander (yAlexKo[] + 2:5020/2140.91
fido7.english-tutor 2012

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