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From: Joe Delahaye (1:249/303)
To: All
Date: Wed, 06.12.06 23:17
Q.E.D. - W5 (was: FidoNews Editor MIA?
> > Not Wheather. The W were all in the form of some sort of question.
> > When I said News Program, it would be something like 60 minutes format
> > or similar. Did not know about the power of 5 thingy.
> Why?

By gosh, I think youre right . I havent watched that show in ages

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From: Dale Shipp (1:261/1466)
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Date: Thu, 07.12.06 00:40
Re: Q.E.D. - W5
-=> On 12-05-06 21:12, Joe Delahaye spoke to Roy Witt about Q.E.D. - W5 >> RW>> W5
JD> It also stands for What, where when, who, and another w word I cant
JD> think of at the moment. W5 was the name of a TV news program here

Could it be why? Don't know, but that would make sense in terms of
things a journalist ought to cover.

Dale Shipp
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