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From: Michiel van der Vlist (2:280/5555)
To: All
Date: Wed, 06.12.06 21:42
FidoNews Editor MIA?
Hello Carol!

On Tuesday December 05 2006 22:59, you wrote to me:

CS>> Yes, you always have, but you also pushed for a 'standard'.

MvdV>> Eh? I really think you confuse me with someone else. I never
MvdV>> advocated

CS> Nope. I am sure of the roots.

Well, in that case I really have no idea what I did that made you think I
triggered something. So... whatever.

MvdV>> It is not a standard.

CS> It isnt? Are you so sure?

Where is it documented? A standard ain't a standard until it is documented by a
recognised body. You as FTSC member should know that.

CS> The exceptions are there but the drive has been established. If you
CS> dont have a static IP and cant be listed as PVT for some reason,
CS> 000-0-0-0-0 is the proper listing.

Says who?

CS> Zones using the newer makenl can replace that with -Unpublished- with
CS> safety as a known string.

I would be all in favour of using the new makenl and allow -Unpublished- on
entries other the Pvt, but all except ZC3 seem to chicken to give it a go. Sad

Cheers, Michiel

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