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From: Michiel van der Vlist (2:280/5555)
To: All
Date: Wed, 06.12.06 18:07
FidoNews Editor MIA?
Hello Ward!

On Wednesday December 06 2006 12:06, you wrote to me:

WD> We need another type of organising things and drastically alter the
WD> way "we do business" in Fidonet.

I have been advocating for years that we should attempt to get rid of the
zones. And that is not really my idea. You predecessor the late Ron Dwight
already advanced the idea.

We never needed zones in the first place, the technical implementation is
shakey at best and they amplify the cultural differences - which are there,
denial is useless- rather than bring us together.

WD> I've shared this with the other ZC's already so when the next
WD> functional nodelist in zone-2 comes out you will not find the 2:2/1000
WD> entry in it anymore. Malcolm, a while ago, also announced his
WD> intention to step down and from then on perhaps we will have something
WD> new to look forward to. I know, perhaps I'm too idealistic and there
WD> still will be Roy Witts and the likes

Roy isn't the worst. He at least does not put up a false appearance.

WD> to try and make other people feel miserable, but at the moment I
WD> choose to think that perhaps something good can come out of all of
WD> this.

Well, there are still 25 days to go till next year....

Cheers, Michiel

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