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From: Jeff Smith (1:14/0)
To: All
Date: Wed, 06.12.06 13:00
FidoNews Editor MIA?
Hello Ward.

06 Dec 06 12:06, you wrote to Michiel van der Vlist:

WD> Michiel,

>> CS> Ok, I'll bite. What was your motive?

>> The system of the FidoNews editor went off-line. Within 48 hours
>> Shannon started calling for his replacement. A ZC's system went
>> off-line. A year passed and Shannon said nothing. My motive was to
>> expose his hypocracy.

There are a number of other issues there that are alot more important
than a couple three days of downtime. We as well as our systems all have
their bad days.

WD> You will not like me for what I'm going to say, perhaps, but
WD> understand that my words which will follow hold no qualification of
WD> anyone nor anything.

I consider you a friend even though I may not agree with you
all the time. Heck, people that always agree can make for a boring

WD> My system crashed severely on November 19th and the firstone to the
WD> rescue was ... Shannon. Actually, I was depressed beyond anything that
WD> I can remember (non family related) and he made me see that a comeback
WD> was possible and got me going again when basically I was left there
WD> with only a router, an OS and Outlook.

If you ever need any form of help that I could provide. Don't hessitate
to ask. Beyond what our attitudes might be we are all members of Fidonet and
can and should be able to set any attitudes asside when someone is in need.

After your announcement of the crash. I was amazed at how soon a number of
people wanted to restructure echo distributions, setup temporary Z2 nodelist
processing and even setup a temporay Z2C. If it had been possible I was temped
to speak up and say come on people... give the guy a chance. I also agreed
with Michiel in that making sudden and drastic changes in a knee jerk reaction
to something that can and will be worked out in a matter of days was not the
best way to deal with the situation. It would have been real easy to have made
the situation much worse. That is of course just MHO.

WD> Within minutes Janis was there too ... 2 of the worst regarded people
WD> in this zone were first to come to the rescue. Although technically no
WD> solutions came out of it, my brain got healed, I was able to catch a
WD> night's sleep and the next morning start whatever I needed starting to
WD> recover.

WD> I regard you not any less but I wanted to put this little remark of
WD> mine on the record.

WD> There was ample time for me to reflect upon my performance in Fidonet
WD> and how certain things were handled, or not, in the past ... by myself
WD> ... by others.

WD> We need another type of organising things and drastically alter the
WD> way "we do business" in Fidonet. I've shared this with the other ZC's
WD> already so when the next functional nodelist in zone-2 comes out you
WD> will not find the 2:2/1000 entry in it anymore. Malcolm, a while ago,
WD> also announced his intention to step down and from then on perhaps we
WD> will have something new to look forward to.

One thing to consider is the matter of zones. Do zones help or hinder
us as members of Fidonet? Hasn't the use of zones only resulted in the
further division of Fidonet? Can't we find a better way?

WD> I know, perhaps I'm too
WD> idealistic and there still will be Roy Witts and the likes to try and
WD> make other people feel miserable, but at the moment I choose to think
WD> that perhaps something good can come out of all of this.

Hey, Roy isn't that bad. He gives people alot of crap but he also
doesn't pretend to be someone that he is not. With Roy what ya give is what
ya get. I can respect that.

WD> Take care,

WD> \%/@rd

WD> --- D'Bridge 2.55
WD> * Origin: Many Glacier -o=O=o- Preserve - Protect - Conserve
WD> (2:292/854)


--- FMail/Win32 1.60
* Origin: Twin_Cities_Metronet - MN USA (1:14/0)


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