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From: Michiel van der Vlist (2:280/5555)
To: All
Date: Wed, 06.12.06 10:19
FidoNews Editor MIA?
Hello Carol!

On Tuesday December 05 2006 23:42, you wrote to Jeff Smith:

CS> Fidonet now has a thought pattern of Z2 is bigger.

The thought pattern has been there ever since the creation of zones. The only
thing that has changed is that Z1 is no longer the biggest.

CS> If Z1 did that when they were bigger, it was not as obvious.

Maybe it was not all that obvious to you, it was *very* obvious to us.

An asymmetry in the balance of power is always more obvious to the smaller

CS> It may have held sway, but was not the systematic 'your zone vs mine'
CS> that we have seen in the past 3 years grow.

CS> People have polarized and it's very obvious from outside the 2 zones.

A matter of increased visibility. The polarisation was always there. It just
became more visible because we are forced into more contact. Ten years ago I
was happily frigting in Dutch areas. Those are gone....

Cheers, Michiel

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