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From: Roger Nelson (1:3828/7)
To: All
Date: Wed, 06.12.06 04:13
FidoNews Editor MIA?
Carol Shenkenberger wrote in a message to Roger Nelson:

CS> Thats how it goes though. Hey, is showing updates
CS> but I havent got an account anymore there.

Neither do I.

RN> That's because they can't see the emotion that goes into you posts, no
RN> can they divine what emotional baggage you may be carrying at the time
RN> and that's because none of us are professional writers. The closest w
RN> come to professional is to be labeled "Professional Misunderstanders."
RN> But there are those of us who bother to ask for clarification before
RN> we jump off the precipice.

CS> Lol! Ok, I can accept that. Leaping to conclusions can be fun
CS> sometimes too!

It only hurts when you land.

CS> A durian lobbed in your face? Sure can! Very smelly stuff.
CS> Lovely stuff too but not for everyone.

Definitely not for me, then. (-:

RN> It all seems so pointless to us. Maybe if he explained...

CS> Dunno if he will or not.

From what I gathered from him recently, he won't.


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