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From: DAVID WILLIAMS (1:250/514)
To: All
Date: Tue, 12.06.07 18:35
-> I did put two 33 cl beercans and perhaps 10 cl of liquor in the freezer
-> at the same time. Taken out 30 mins after the beer was colder than the liquo

-> Is it more difficult to cool liquor than it is to cool beer because of the
-> alchohol %? I found that for 99,5% ethyl alcohol the freezing point is -117,

-> but this only contains 40%. I think that 10 cl would freeze just as quick as

-> cl beer. Am I wrong?

I don't believe that the (small) difference in the specific heats of
the beer and the liquor would make a significant difference. And such
things as freezing points, latent heats of freezing, etc., are
irrelevant because neither liquid froze.

I still think that the different thermal conductivities of the metal
cans and the glass bottles is the basic cause. That's one of the
reasons why they sell beer in cans - so it can be cooled fast.

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