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From: Andrew Leary (1:320/119)
To: All
Date: Mon, 10.12.12 11:35
prolog, etc.
Hello Scott!

Sunday December 09 2012 14:33, Scott Little wrote to All:

SL> The history file says that the copyright, prolog and epilog files are
SL> only included on composite lists. Is this still the case? What's the
SL> reason for that restriction?

SL> v3.2.7d -- June 1, 2007 (Bugfixes).
SL> Don't include copyright, prolog and epilog unless we make the
SL> composite list.

Yes, this is still the case. I don't know what the reasoning for that change
in 3.2.7d was... It should not be difficult to revert that change back to the
former behavior. If someone doesn't want them included in their segment, just
remove or rename the files from the master directory. Maybe we could make it a
.CTL file option.


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