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From: Rob McGee (1:105/44)
To: All
Date: Wed, 18.01.23 06:25
Just a spitfire sub-board ping to see who all may have this feed. I just
rejoined fido after many years and was surprised it was still in the Very happy it is even if its not used much if at all.

My first BBS in 1993 was Spitfire so its always been my first love. So much
so I rebuilt her and offering it up for logons via telnet using NetSerial.
And by reviewing the IPTIA BBS Resource Site it looks like its one of 3
Spitfire BBS's left in the world.

Anyway, let me know if "tap-tap-tap, is this thing on?" ;)

Long live the retro and Spitfire BBS.

... A bad day BBSing is better than a good day at work.
--- SBBSecho 3.14-Win32
* Origin: The X-Bit BBS - - Forest Grove, Or (1:105/44)


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