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From: Mauro Veiga (4:801/194)
To: All
Date: Thu, 25.03.21 12:07
Merging BlueWave Packets
Hi guys!

For a long time, I used merge programs with relative success. But I
have some packages that I can't merge.

In BWCOMB it accuses "many BBS areas" and it is true, it exceeded
the program limit.

In BWSAVE it says "Insufficient memory reading file BBS_NAME.INF".
Perhaps due to the large number of areas.

BWMERGE freezes, don't work.

Is there any modification to the INF or XTI files to reduce the
number of areas (erasing unsubscribes for example) or something else
to fix and merge packets? Or another Bluewave merge program?

/ `-------------' \ Mauro R. Veiga
[' `]

MeSSaGe SiTTeR 1.00 - Full Version
Live Long and Prosper

... BlueWave - More than a program, it's a lifestyle.
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--- SBBSecho 3.06-Win32
* Origin: Ninho do Abutre 2 - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil * (4:801/194)


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