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From: Maurice Kinal (1:153/7001.2989)
To: All
Date: Wed, 21.10.20 17:17
the department of guided moosiles
Hey Rocket!

-={ '<Esc>:read !cat /proc/version' starts }=-
Linux version 5.9.1 (root@bitskii) (gcc (GCC) 10.2.0, GNU ld (GNU Binutils)
2.35.1) #1 SMP Tue Oct 20 03:54:54 UTC 2020
-={ '<Esc>:read !cat /proc/version' ends }=-

A few issues with 'mplayer -vo fbdev2' outstanding but it definetly is headed
in the right direction. Hopefully kv-5.9.2 solves all the outstanding
i915drmfb frame buffer device issues. I am regaining confidence that it will
be sooner than later but that remains to be seen.

Speaking of mplayer this works perfectly from an xterm commandline;
mplayer -vo x11 <inset name of AV file here> -zoom
where the -zoom switch MUST be at the end of the commandline in order to
successfully enable the 'f' key in order to switch on|off fullscreen mode.
Works like a charm ... with absolutely no need for an overbloated and extremely
annoying GUI interface.

Life is good,

... Don't cry for me I have vi.
--- GNU bash, version 5.0.18(1)-release (x86_64-motorshed-linux-gnu)
* Origin: Coffin Point - Ladysmith BC, Canada (1:153/7001.2989)


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