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From: Daryl Stout (1:19/33)
To: All
Date: Sat, 17.10.20 14:26
coffee with dinner at 6

DS> I saw a video on YouTube today from the Canadian group of Bowser and
DS> Blue. I had seen their one on "Praise To The Colorectal Surgeon", and
DS> "My Vasectomy"...but saw "The Prostate Song" was a hoot!!

AA> I saw them at a couple of live shows. They were certainly laugh-out
AA> loud events. Great memories. And I mean *they* had excellent memory
AA> recall to remember all the lyrics of their many tunes too.

At a local ham radio club meeting years ago, one of the hams is a
retired gastroenterologist. I gave him his Amateur Extra Class exam,
and he wanted "a jazzy callsign", I got him AG5AS. <G>

So, at the meeting, they played the Bowser and Blue video of the
"Praise To The Colorectal Surgeon", and they said "Dr. Jack...this
is for you"!! <G>. Everyone was roaring in laughter. Very Happy


... I hate Indian Givers. No, wait...I take that back!!
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