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From: Jay Harris (1:229/664)
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Date: Sat, 17.10.20 12:42
can't drink caffeine afte
Re: can't drink caffeine afte
By: Daryl Stout to August Abolins on Thu Oct 15 2020 08:33 pm

AA>> coffee.

DS> I never acquired a taste for it.

I remember all my friends in high school would drink coffee. I never really
liked the taste of it, I'm more of a tea guy. (A lot of them also smoked which
I never took up either).

In my early 20's I discovered 1/2 hot chocolate & 1/2 coffee or 1/2 coffee &
1/2 french vanilla from Tim Hortons. That got me on coffee and then as time
went on I swicthed over to the quintessential Canadian "Double Double".

Further on down the road I dropped the sugar all together and now just order my
coffee w/ 2 cream, no sugar.


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