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From: Lee Lofaso (2:203/2)
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Date: Thu, 15.10.20 03:15
Fascism defined
Hello Aaron,

LL>> With a majority Senate, majority House, and rubber stamp USSC,
LL>> he would be a dictator. Not a president of any kind.

AT> I'd call that "Our time to shine." It would be short lived, but it would
AT> help with things that matter to us.

The last time that happened, we lost a city (New Orleans).
I pray to God we never have a next time.

AT> The Dems would use some hilarious sex assault story to get back in power.

Nobody believed the crazy sex assault story that gal came up
with about Biden sniffing her hair. And you know what that means.
Biden definitely passed the sniff test.


If it doesn't say Jiffy Lube, it's not Jiffy Lube

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