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From: Ken Johnson (1:218/720)
To: n/a
Date: Fri, 20.12.19 17:36
Allfix 5.13 vs 6
DB> For those that know the platform much better than I, can
DB> someone briefly tell me what was added to 6 that did not
DB> exist in v5? Anyone have any firm dates as to when v6
DB> went into beta?

DB> Thanks

It orginally was adding Echo Mail tossing along wiht the file tossing and also
the ability to trasfer filesand tics via email. I have been slowly removing
those featuers in the 6.1 release as I wanted to focus back on the file
tossing. With the rewriting of the code into a OOP code, im working on a plugin
system so if that is wanted it can be added seperatly.
I know I have been working on this for some time. It's a process withthe
recoding of this on top of all of my other coding projects at work.


DB> --- InterEcho 1.21
DB> * Origin: Home Of InterMail/InterEcho (1:106/201)

--- Allfix 6.1.0b
* Origin: Rail City BBS -=- Cold Springs, NV -=- Home of ALLFIX (1:218/720)


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