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From: Tom Swartz (1:153/757.11)
To: n/a
Date: Wed, 30.01.19 09:17
-> All version s of v5 Allfix require a key. When I receive the copies
-> of the source code, it was all for v6, and nothing vor v5.
-> Thanks
-> Ken

Hi Ken,

Damn shame that THE BEST file processor is now crippleware. Can't
imagine wrting 70,000 lines of code and losing it to antiquity. I and
many others still find v5.13 for DOS relevant. I would dearly love to
get a regged copy.

So if there is no chance of creating registrations for v5.13, would you
grant permission to "SHARE" a registartion with someone who has one?
Or is there yet still a possibility of getting the source code and
generating a key?

Thanks Ken!

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