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From: Ken Johnson (1:213/720)
To: n/a
Date: Mon, 21.01.19 11:39
Case of .*LO files?
KW> According to

KW> Name of flow file is formed from network and node number
KW> of remote
KW> system, expressed as 4 hexadecimal digits each,
KW> zero-padded on the
KW> left. Thus information concerning to node 104/36 is
KW> stored in flow
KW> and control files with name "00680024" with dreites
KW> extension.
KW> Hexadecimal digits must be lower case if it is supported
KW> by OS file
KW> system.

KW> Is there a way to force Allfix to use lower-case
KW> characters in .*lo file names?

Because Allfix 5 was written for dos in the DOS days, it defaults everything to
uppercase. Even the original 6 code had that. THis is also one of the things
that v7 is changing is to see if the OS is case sensitive.

I know with the binkd verion I run, there are options in the config file that
will translate the case for me from upper to lower. I am not familure with your
program so Im not sure if there are options within there to allow for the
translation of filenames.


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