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From: Alan Ianson (1:153/757)
To: All
Date: Mon, 06.08.18 12:13
zip and unzip
Re: zip and unzip
By: Benny Pedersen to Alan Ianson on Mon Aug 06 2018 02:33 pm

AI>> What do you folks use to compress and decompress zip files today?

BP> zip, unzip

Yep, that works well for me.

AI>> One of my links is having problems with my inbound mail archives
AI>> being renamed to bad because pkunzip is running out of memory.

BP> its buggy then

Benny, step back from that precipice. You are going to get hurt!

Old software may or may not work as expected on a newer OS.. Smile

BP> ----- config begins -----

BP> Pack lha lha -ad $a $f
BP> Pack zip zip -9 -j -q $a $f

BP> DefArcmailSize 1024
BP> MinDiskFreeSpace 10

BP> packNetMailOnScan off

BP> Unpack "arc x $a $p'*.*' $f" 0 1a
BP> Unpack "lha -eifw=$p $a $f" 2 2d6c68
BP> Unpack "unrar e -y $a $p $f \* > /dev/null" 0 52617221
BP> Unpack "unzip -joLqq $a -d $p $f" 0 504b0304

BP> ----- config ends -----

Odd, I don't see your zoo command!

Ttyl Smile,

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