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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
To: All
Date: Sat, 10.12.11 21:40
> >> I'm sure that xxcarol can go toe to toe with you on the subject. Why
> >> not give it a try in netmail?
> CS> I have a better one. The FTSC echo has been quiet for a long time so
> CS> I finally posted to at least get a link check.
> Ok.
> CS> It turns out Micheal turned off my uplink he assigned me (Ross
> CS> Cassell vice Vince Coen as seemed originally planned). Some
> CS> confusion on expiration of terms (i do not expire until next year).
> You may have been in absentism during the month of August, when several
> echoes linked from Ross to Z2 were turned off when he and Felten got into
> an arguement and Ross kicked him off of his system. You'll probably have
> to re-establish your link to FTSC through Michiel.

I don't bother to read the trash echos any longer. If Michael delinked Ross,
he goofed when he forgot (perhaps conviently?Wink he linked Z1 FTSC under Ross.
I do not know how many he did that with, but i know I was one.

You do not create a 'hub' then delink the hub without warning the systems
under it to relink. There was no warning.

I have asked my original choice of Vince Coen (no slam on Ross but Vince
seemed best for the links) for a feed. I am pending answer.

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