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From: Lee Lofaso (2:221/360)
To: n/a
Date: Thu, 24.09.20 03:36
Hello Aaron,

>LL>People arriving in the USA who are infected can be quarantined.
>LL>Doesn't matter if they get here legally or illegally. They can, and
>LL>should be, quarantined. That is a public health issue. The president
>LL>can do a lot more than he is currently doing. We all know that.
>You're hilarious! Illegals should quarantine when they get here. Right! They
> should also not rape & murder when they get here, but statistics show that
> illegals don't always do what they should.

They are tested for coronavirus. And also for communicable diseases.
Not only to keep us safe, but also to keep all others who get here
safe. You can just imagine how many folks would die if nobody was to
be tested. It would be horrible. Too horribe to imagine.

>And they would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for them meddlin'
> presidents!

Locking people up in cages, closely together, is a deadly combination.
Especially given the fact that the coronavirus is so highly contagious.
And to think, none of them are given a mask. Not those inside cages or
outside cages. The least the president could do is give everybody a
mask. In orange, to match the color of his hair.


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