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From: Lee Lofaso (2:221/360)
To: n/a
Date: Wed, 23.09.20 09:59
Hello Aaron,

>DS>It is not the foreigners who are dangerous. It is your neighbors who
>DS>allow themselves to be exposed to the virus without adequate
>Anyone desperate enough to enter the USA, infected or not, can still get
> here. There's nothing the president can do about it. The USA will never be
> one of the first countries to defeat coronavirus.

People arriving in the USA who are infected can be quarantined.
Doesn't matter if they get here legally or illegally. They can, and
should be, quarantined. That is a public health issue. The president
can do a lot more than he is currently doing. We all know that.

>A vaccine sounds great, but just like the non-maskers, there's the
> anti-vaxers. If we make it a crime not to vaccinate, same deal; people go
> to jail with the coronavirus, they get out in 24 hours, and they're back on
> the street still without the vaccine.

Knowingly infecting a person with AIDS is a criminal act.
Knowingly infecting a person with COVID-19 is also a criminal act.
In fact, doing so is considered as being an act of terrorism.

Refusal to get inoculated is suicidal, so what is the point?
How else would you be able to protect yourself, and others?
Locking yourself up in a room and refusing to come out is not
an answer. Same with others in your care. This is a public
health crisis. And we all must do our part.


Show me what democracy looks like! / This is what demcracy looks like!

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