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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
To: n/a
Date: Tue, 22.09.20 20:57
my mask, version 1
Hello Daryl!

** On Monday 21.09.20 - 11:32, Daryl Stout wrote to August Abolins:

DS> I wore glasses for over 40 years, being severely
DS> nearsighted. When I had to stop driving at night at 35,
DS> it was discovered that I had cataracts. The visual
DS> acuity was 20/2000

I've never heard of anyone having cataracts at such a young
age. You are quite the anomaly.

DS> the late Red Skelton noted as Clem Kadiddlehopper,
DS> Doctor Of Fool-ology, noted, "I don't really need
DS> these. But, I've reached the age where curiosity is
DS> greater than vanity". <G>

Back in those days, wearing glasses had a sigma. Now, vanity
is quite the factor for looking good in the right frames!

AA>> I *do* slip on a pair of 0+ blu-blocker glasses..
AA>> ..I find that those glasses make a huge difference
AA>> in reducing dry-eyes and restoring normal sleep pattern.

DS> I've been dealing with the eyes being too dry or too
DS> watery lately. Part of it may be spending too much time
DS> at the computer, watching YouTube Videos of military
DS> personnel coming home to surprise their families...or
DS> their girlfriends, with a marriage proposal.

Try a blu-blocker pair. They can also be available in
prescription - but you might end up paying throug the nose.
However, there are some online options that can produce a blu-
blocker prescription version for much less money than from a
local brick'n'mortar office.


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