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Date: Wed, 08.05.19 09:07
On 07 May 2019, Steve Wolf said the following...

SW> On 10 Dec 2018, Mike Powell said the following...
SW> MP> >I remember my first Gibson Epiphone guitar back in high school. Tra
SW> MP> >a Sega Genesis with one game, Altered Beast. I'm thinking of gettin
SW> MP> >playing music again. Music has always been my passion. I'm thinkin
SW> MP> IIRC, Gibson used to make some very nice acoustic guitars. The ones
SW> MP> remember had f-holes, like a violin or upright bass, instead of the
SW> MP> round, center hole. Some (or all?Wink allowed for electrical amplificat
SW> MP> also.
SW> Wow! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see "Guitar" chit chat!
SW> I've been playing for over 30 years and BBsing for 20 but never saw any
SW> guitar chat on a BBS. But....I haven't been on FidoNet neither. I will
SW> be changing that very soon.

Oh we're around. I've been dabbling in guitar much longer than I've been
playing bass. Which is around 30 years as well. Only recently picked it back
up after a long break when my old band fell apart years ago.

I picked up a Solar 7 string with an Evertune. But was sorely disappointed.
The setup was kinda crap, the pickups wired wrong so the bridge didn't
actually switch to humbucking, and the strings wound so short that when I
unlocked the tuner it just fell off and was too short to reattach. I've got
new strings waiting to go on and need to see if it's something simple in the
wiring I can fix before handing it off to a tech somewhere. It was really
disappointing to spend a lot and end up with something unusable out of the
box. So I put it back in for a bit. Guess it's time to drag it out and get it

My other main guitar for years has been a Musicyo (gibson?Wink Kramer Striker. A
coil switching 3 pickup super-strat that has been a great workhorse. Recently
did a bunch of set up on it and got it playing nice and intonated after years
of neglect. Now them skills, well they have been neglected too...

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