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From: Paul Quinn (3:640/1384)
To: All
Date: Sun, 09.12.18 12:43
Guitar cover
Hi! Roger,

On 08 Dec 18 11:36, you wrote to me:

RN> I still like that guitar cover I posted of "Every
RN> Breath You Take".

I'm happy for you. That was the _first_ YT video that ever played properly on
my netbook's Chromium browser, which has never been enhanced by updates since
its installation (TTBOMK).

The song is a personal favourite of mine, and is in my MP3 collection. It
embodies a conundrum for me in that I have strongly associated the song with
our (yours & mine) favourite Bess Armstrong flick; the one in which she toys
with Tom Selleck. (Each may have been released here in Oz in the same
year.[shrug]Wink My personal struggle with the song is that it has been
characterised as having a 'stalking' storyline. This is a difficult theme for
any father with a/any daughters. Hence, my personal feelings for the song are
somewhat polarised depending on the phase of the moon (perhaps).


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