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From: Vincent Coen (2:250/1)
To: All
Date: Sun, 13.09.20 18:36
Hello Janis!

Sunday September 13 2020 11:41, you wrote to mark lewis:

> Hi Mark,

>>> entire bunch of them. I don't think there were any files
>>> lost, just a bazillion of duped files <sigh>

>> speaking of yuck TICs...

>> 1. the pascalnet hatches don't have a REPLACES verb...

> Hmm.. I'll have to take a look ...

>> 2. someone was hatching some legion door over and over
>> with "REPLACES replaces" instead of the proper file
>> name...

> geez.. I'll try to watch for that one as well.

>> i've been going to say something for a while but just haven't...
>> your post opened the door for me ;)

> Well I'm glad to 'remind' you Lol... but wish this kind of stuff
> didn't happen to start with Smile

All this is due to keyword REPLACES not being compulsory and I think it should
You have a need to create a wee course on file submissions and hatching to
these new sysops/ file co-ords.

Good luck with that Smile


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