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From: alexander koryagin (2:5020/400)
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Date: Mon, 29.10.12 10:39
Such/Fuel... 1.

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From: "alexander koryagin"

Hi, Ardith Hinton! How are you?
on Monday, 29 of October, I read your message to alexander koryagin
about "Such/Fuel... 1."

ak>> Some people call them "mass nouns." Probably it is a better term.
AH> FOWLER'S uses "count nouns" synonymously with "countable nouns",
AH> and "mass nouns" synonymously with "uncountable nouns". In both
AH> cases I prefer the second alternative, however, because it seems
AH> more intuitive to me. Some folks may prefer the first alternative
AH> because it requires less typing on their part. OTOH, you may lose
AH> half your audience if you expect them to look it up.... ;-)

As for me, it seems to me that "mass noun" gives a good idea that the
noun means something uncertain. Indeed "sugar," for instance, a very
good example why it can be called "mass noun." I see that when sugar
means a mass, and I don't use the indefinite article.

ak>> Human brain is a strange thing. We spend years on learning, and
ak>> think that it is difficult, but a two-year-old child speaks
ak>> perfectly well, and nobody teaches him. ;-)

AH> Young children are eager to learn, and their brains are growing at
AH> a phenomenal rate. The adults around them may not think of what
AH> they're doing as "teaching".

Why they should think so if they indeed do not teach? If they exhort
the child "say mommy, say daddy" it doesn't mean they teach. They just
ask. ;)

AH> Human beings, however, are social creatures. Awhile before babies
AH> learn to speak they go through a stage where they experiment with
AH> using various sounds... typically described as "goo goo, ga ga" or
AH> "babbling". They might be saying "Have a good day!" in Sanskrit or
AH> "The square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on
AH> the other two sides" in Greek or "the Lord created the heavens and
AH> the earth" in Hebrew... but if their parents don't understand a
AH> word of these languages they'll probably remain silent.

The most remarkable thing - they have dreams where they meet with a
lot of people. And in this dream world they interact not with words but
with thoughts. It is not necessary have a real tongue to start
communicating with people. The tongue, however will be in use when it
will be ready for using. ;). So, in short, the more dreams have a child
in his native language the more quickly he starts to understand people
and then speak.

ak>> And, it seems to me, the more we live the more soon children start
ak>> to speak. ;)

AH> later! Today's kids have advantages Dallas & I never had. But we
AH> grew up in an era when almost everyone around us was a native
AH> speaker of English. I understand why the folks from the local
AH> greengrocery try to pluralize "broccoli" even though it's plural
AH> already, yet fail to pluralize other nouns. Plurals are treated
AH> differently in Chinese. Learning a new language isn't so easy after
AH> the first few years of life because the neurological connections
AH> required tend to develop much more slowly.... Smile

I pnone to think that children acceleration connected with the fact
that now they live among words. I mean that TV sets, radio are
constantly turned on. That's why children dreams are far more saturated
than were ours in their age.

[...If a person barks at people he lives as a dog, too]
Bye Ardith!
Alexander (yAlexKo[] + 2:5020/2140.91
fido7.english-tutor 2012

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