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Date: Mon, 15.10.12 12:29
Such/Fuel... 2.

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From: "alexander koryagin"

Hi, Ardith Hinton! How are you?
on Monday, 15 of October, I read your message to alexander koryagin
about "Such/Fuel... 2."

ak>> BTW, practically all uncounable nouns can be used with "a"
ak>> articles when they have a definitive word before them, that
ak>> reckons it to this or that group.

ak>> A pronoun, for instance: What a sweet honey it is!

AH> With the exception of idiomatic expressions such as "it's raining",
AH> however, a pronoun must have an antecedent... so I think what
AH> you're asking is whether or not "honey" may be regarded as a
AH> countable noun if you're comparing different varieties of honey. My
AH> daughter's initial reaction to this question was the same as mine:
AH> honey is supposed to be sweet, isn't it?? My husband's reaction was
AH> that one's perception might vary according to which subspecies of
AH> bees made the honey & from which plants they gathered the nectar.
AH> That was my second thought. Either way, we don't know what's
AH> available in Russia.... Smile

I agreed with your husband - we can have different kinds of honey. Some
are more sweet, some have a special aroma, flavor. This is the reason to
single it out from the general mass. For instance, my grandfather sent
me a can of honey from his apiary. I tasted it and appreciated its
original taste. And when I want to underline that I am speaking of a
special kind of honey I probably should use "a" after "what"
exclamation. I can't use "the" because I speak of a kind of honey. Not
the honey in the can, but of my grandfather's honey in general.

ak>> Probably we can omit "sweet" and in this case we will single out
ak>> our honey, make it special with "a":
AH> You could say "It is [indefinite article + adjective + noun]", with
AH> or without the addition of an intensifier, in comparing it to other
AH> varieties. AFAIC the indefinite article "a(n)" doesn't make it
AH> sound special, but in this context "what" does. WAR AND PEACE is a
AH> Russian novel, one of many such works by various people from
AH> various countries... yet what a truly wonderful work it is! The
AH> second clause here is what identifies it as special to me.... SmileWink

In other words the main difficulty is that many words can be used both
as a mass noun and a countable noun (can't find other antonym to "mass
noun", can you?Wink. Sometimes a countable version of a particular mass
noun is rather rare in use. For instance - In this wig she is a real
Madonna! Smile

[...Live and let live]
Bye Ardith!
Alexander (yAlexKo[] + 2:5020/2140.91
fido7.english-tutor 2012

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