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From: ROSS CASSELL (1:123/140)
To: All
Date: Thu, 03.03.11 13:12
-> > Now when are you going to start a defense fund for all the other
soldiers in
-> > the brig, or is MAnning the only innocent one?
-> Hey I didn't realize I had started that (laugh)
-> It wasn't me, bud.

You are so supportive of it that you might as well.

-> If someone starts another defense fund for something which I find
compelling, I
-> will support it.

You mean the soldier in Ft Braggs brig incarcerated for insubordination
that has not been proven, doesnt deserve your bleeding heart?

You can tell me that I am changing the subject all day long, but if Manning
had been in trouble for anything else, you would not have given him the
time of day. Your motivation goes back to partisan politics, nothing more..

DEnial is not a river in Egypt
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