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From: Mike Miller (1:154/30)
To: n/a
Date: Sat, 15.08.20 14:00
Trying to study for extra
Hello Nigel!

13 Aug 20 03:09, you wrote to Daryl Stout:

>> HamTestOnline does offer a money back guarantee, if you fail the
>> exam. But, in using them, I went from Technician to General in 14
>> days, and from General to Amateur Extra 13 days later. To me, it was
>> the best money I ever spent in ham radio.

NR> I may invest if I can find the time to indulge myself in 2 weeks of
NR> relentless bombardment of facts, figures, and forumlas that I will
NR> never care about again, probably Smile

I'm currently studying to take my Technician and General exam at the same
time, using an app on my phone from The app was like $3 from the
app store (I have an Android phone, I'm pretty sure it's also available on
iOS). All it does is ask you the questions on the test. if you get it wrong,
you can click "more info" which will give you information on what the correct
answer is, and sometimes handy tips and tricks to remember that answer when it
comes back up. It will tell you what your best/worst sections are, and will
allow you to answer questions just from the sections you're weakest on.

It will chart your progress on practice tests, which I'm taking at least once a
day. It will also tell you how much of the question pool you've seen/answered.

I have a friend who just took (and passed, first time) his extra exam using
this app. he said once he had seen 100% of the question pool, his test scores
shot up to around 90%, which is a comfortable range to pass the actual test.

NR> The only other thing is me balking at the cost of a decent radio
NR> setup.

Yeah, why are hobbies always so damn expensive?


... Listen. I'm tired of making this stuff up. Let's go look at some boobies!
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