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[KB6NU] 8-meter band?? Who knew?
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8-meter band?? Who knew?

Posted: 12 Aug 2020 12:48 PM PDT;

S50B and EI4GNB logged the first 40-meter QSO between Ireland and Slovenia.

One of the things that I enjoy about doing the ICQ podcast is that I always
seem to learn something new. What I learned today, is that some amateurs in
IARU Region 1 have access to the 8-meter band.

8 meters?? Apparently, amateurs in Lithuania, Slovenia, Ireland, Denmark,
and South Africa now have privileges in the 8-meter amateur radio band,
which spans 40.66–40.7 MHz. EI7GL has blogged fairly extensively about
operations in the 8-meter band, including:

First contact on 40 MHz between Ireland & Slovenia 15th June 2020
First contact on 40 MHz between Lithuania & Slovenia 13th June 2020
40 MHz activity report 18th May 2020
Reception reports of the EI1KNH 40 MHz beacon 17th May 2020

One of the questions I had was what equipment is available for 8 meters.
The answer is that EI4GNB is using a modified Icom IC-7100 and a 2-element
quad antenna.

I wonder if anyone here in the U.S. has tried to hear these stations. I
would think that when 6 meters is open to Europe, some of the beacons, at
least, would be audible.

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