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[NEWS] "47 Ronin" sequel gets greenlight
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47 Ronin sequel greenlit with Ron Yuan set to direct
Just before Keanu Reeves returned to the spotlight with the
John Wick franchise, he led the critical and financially
disastrous 47 Ronin for Universal Pictures but despite the
film's failure, the studio has greenlit a sequel with Mulan
star Ron Yuan set to direct, according to Deadline.

The new film will be set 300 years in the future in an
exotic cyberpunk world and will offer a re-imagining on both
the original 2013 film and its loose source material
Chushingura, with sources reporting the film will incorporate
horror elements alongside its modern samurai and ninja

"I'm incredibly excited to be working with Universal and the
producing team on this genre-blending, martial arts, action,
horror and cyber-punk film," said Yuan. "This will be a fun,
intense, supercharged thrill ride for viewers globally."

The sequel is set to be produced by John Orlando, Share
Stallings and Tim Kwowk, with Universal 1440 Entertainment
also attached to produce for the original studio and Netflix
set to distribute the film. The filmmakers are currently eying
an early 2021 production start date for the project.

47 Ronin was written by Chris Morgan (Fast & Furious franchise)
and Hossein Amini (The Snowman) on a story from Morgan and
Walter Hamada (The Batman) and directed by Carl Rinsch in his
debut and featured a cast including Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada
(Mortal Kombat), Tadanobu Asano (Mortal Kombat), Rinko Kikuchi
(Pacific Rim) and Ko Shibasaki (One Missed Call). Loosely based
on the fictionalized accounts of the titular group, the story
centered on the 47 ronin in 18th century Japan as they set out
to avenge the death of their master.

The film was a notorious flop for Universal Studios, being
panned by critics and audiences alike and only grossing
$151 million at the global box office on its $175 million budget,
being considered one of the biggest box office flops in history
and leaving the studio in the red for 2013.


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