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[KB6NU] GQRP Club releases agenda for its 2020 Online Convention
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GQRP Club releases agenda for its 2020 Online Convention

Posted: 11 Aug 2020 07:58 AM PDT;

The GQRP Club, the British QRP club, has released a detailed agenda for its
2020  Online Convention, taking place on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th

The online event, which replaces the club’s annual GQRP convention at
Telford due to current Covid-19 restrictions, is open to existing members.
There is a special rate for non-members which will include GQRP Club
membership until January 2022.

The two-day event comprises a series of online presentations and
knowledge-sharing meetings where people can share ideas.

The packed presentation list includes:

“Building QRP transceivers” with Hans Summers G0UPL, designer and
manufacturer of the QCX QRP transceiver.
“HF propagation and QRP” with Steve Nichols G0KYA, author and chairman of
the RSGB’s Propagation Studies Committee
“Homebrew SSB Transceivers” with Pete Juliano N6QW, co-presenter of the
Soldersmoke podcast and a prolific home brewer.
“Vector Network analysers explained and the NanoVNA” with Alan Wolke W2AEW,

a professional electrical engineer who works for Tektronix.
“Antennas for QRP” with Callum McCormick M0MCX, YouTube star and inventor
and manufacturer of the DX Commander vertical antenna.
“FT8/FT4 for the QRPer” with Anthony Luscre K8ZT, who will take a detailed

look at this the fastest-growing mode in amateur radio.

There will also be range of knowledge-sharing sessions, including “Using
Antenna analysers” with Heather M0HMO, “Running a QRP DxPedition” with
M1KTA, “Battery technology for QRP portable” with Bill G4ERV, “Omni
Directional antennas” with John G8SEQ and many more.

The event costs £4 for GQRP club members. Non-members can also sign up for
the event and join the GQRP club for just £10 (or £17 for international

To sign up for the event just go to the Eventbrite sign-up page

For more information and to view the full event schedule

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