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From: DAVID WILLIAMS (1:250/514)
To: All
Date: Wed, 14.03.07 13:56
anyone there?
-> I often wish we'd stay on the same time all year long.

I wish the changes could be made gradual, so the sun would rise at 6
a.m. every day, and sunset might be as early as 3 p.m. or as late as 10
p.m., depending on the time of year. But there would be lots of
practical problems...

-> Alberta. Pretty country up there.

I own some land near Peace River. Scenically, Alberta is my favourite
province. Politically is another matter.

-> I'll have to contact my friends up in the Yukon Territory and see what time
-> they are observing now.

They'll be on Pacific Daylight Time, I think.

-> Regular gas in these parts (southeastern Louisiana) was down to $2.05 per
-> gallon a couple of weeks ago. I have to use premiun at $2.25 per gallon
-> because of the octane rating my car's engine requires. Anyway, I contracted

-> stomach virus and didn't leave the house for a week. When I did yesterday,

-> noticed the price of a gallon of gas had risen 40 cents per gallon. The onl

-> scientific evidence I have for this at the moment is greed.

Here in Toronto, regular gas was about 85 cents per litre until
recently. Then there was a fire in a refinery, which "caused a
shortage". Some gas stations claimed to be out of gas, but there was
never any problem finding somewhere to fill up. But the price shot up
to about $1.06 per litre. Greed, I believe. And it actually had a
noticeable effect on traffic. There were fewer cars on the roads,
especially on weekends. Now, the refinery has been fixed and prices
have dropped a bit, but are still about a buck a litre. That's Canadian
bucks, of course. About 85 cents, U.S.. And there are about 3.8 litres
to a U.S. gallon. I guess you can do the comparison!

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