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From: Earl Truss (1:123/789)
To: All
Date: Sat, 10.03.07 16:58
anyone there?
Here in Minnesota, we got a record snowfall last week - 22 inches in some
places nearby. Now it's 50 degrees F and all the snow is quickly melting.
A fairly typical mid-March snowfall in late February. This following an
abnormally late start to winter, almost no snow and a January that was the
warmest on record. Our climate does appear to be changing.

"DAVID WILLIAMS -> Miles Maxted" wrote in message
->> Do I recall that your part of the globe copped some very bad
->> storms recently ?

->> Miles.

DW> That depends on how broadly one defines "your part of the globe". Down
DW> in the States, there was a storm a couple of weeks ago that did a lot
DW> of damage, spawning tornadoes, etc.. Here, we just got the edge of it,
DW> which caused some snow to fall, but nothing terrible. We have had some
DW> remarkably cold weather this March. A few nights ago, the temperature
DW> went down to about -25C. But that's okay, once in a while. It kills off
DW> all the nasty bugs and reptiles that would otherwise come slithering
DW> in. Now, spring seems to be arriving. The temperature went above
DW> freezing point today, for the first time in a while. They're predicting
DW> we may see 10C next week.

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