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From: Kees van Eeten (2:280/5003.4)
To: All
Date: Mon, 05.11.12 23:31
MakeNL Feature requests
Hallo Gert!

GA>>> What I do now when I make nodelist updates and segments is I have a
GA>>> .msg echo area named netm and then manual move makenl netmail to my
GA>>> netmailarea of squish.

ml>> why?? why doesn't your tosser scan that netm area for that makenl
ml>> message and pack it into a ?LO like any other tosser would do??

GA> There is something with my hpt of fidoconf husky there not like to open
GA> the .msg file for pack and scan them. So it only is squish messages there
GA> will be opened and scanned/packed.

Do I understand you correctly, that you ask for a feature in makenl, because
you cant handle hpt? How many other utillities doe you have that will need
this feature?


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