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From: Kees van Eeten (2:280/5003.4)
To: All
Date: Mon, 05.11.12 20:12
Error in the Region 17 / Net 153 segmment
Hallo Janis!

02 Nov 12 13:59, Janis Kracht wrote to Kees Van Eeten:

>> ;E DOWN,779,RoadRunner_X,Grande_Cache_Alberta,Randy_Sommerfeld,
>> -Unpublished-,9600,XX,CM,V32b,V34,V42b,
>> ;E -- Invalid keyword -- 'FILES'

>> This concerns 1:153/779 and my best guess is that the error is generated
>> on his system. That would be consistent with the second error line as
>> FILES could be the next keyword in te configuration file.

JK> No, it is NOT generated on his system nor on R17C's system.

JK> The segment from region 17 does NOT contain "DOWN", nor does it contain
JK> the word "FILES". The error reporting is what is converting the word Down
JK> to DOWN, and adding the word FILES.

JK> This would probably be a bug in the version of Makenl_ng that is run here
JK> at 1:261/38 on my 64-bit system.

JK> The version of MakeNl run here is one that Andrew has asked me to test.

JK> MakeNL 3.2.15 (GNU/Linux GCC/Linux), compiled on Oct 16 2012 13:26:38

JK> Previous release versions of MakeNl gave the same FILES error when
JK> Unpublished was used in some instances.

I have looked into this a bit more and found that I was wrong. ;(

Reading comments on the Bugtracker page I found the following:


When processing a segment with a Down,-Unpublished- entry with AllowUnpub=0, an
error message is logged "Invalid keyword -- "FILES"" . This error message needs
to be corrected to indicate the true problem: ie: -Unpublished- is only allowed
with Pvt or Hold systems, per FTS-5000.002.

Reading documents is always good.

I did my first tests with makenl 3.2.9 from the Debian Wheezy distribution.

To get a proper nodelist I had to set the option Unpublished=1.
Under those conditions the above Error is a correct Nodelist entry.
And I wondered, why it was flagged as an error.

It appears the logic for processing with AllowUnpub=0 in makenl 3.2.9 is not
in compliance with FTS-500.002 or even worse.

You are/were running 3.2.15, so I went vor recent sources on Fourceforge,
where at the momnent the current version is 3.2.17.

By working with that version I was able to reconstruct the current nodelist
as it is with the following use of AllowUnpub

Zone1 segment - AllowUnpub=0
Zone2 segment - AllowUnpub=1
Zonex segment - not relevant
Composite file - AllowUnpub=1

As noted above AllowUnpub=0 will only allow -Unpublished- together with
Pvt or Hold. The above error is a combination of -Unpublished- Down, which
is not permitted by FTS-500-002.

With respect to the weird second error line "Invalid keyword -- "FILES"
I can only say, that as far as I can read/follow the code, that line is
correct. I agree with the bugreport, that a more relevant text would be

As a solution to to the error in the nodelist, either the compliance with
FTS-5000.002 can be lifted as is done for the Composite file, or RC17/NC153
bring the line in compliance, by setting the node on Hold.

As a last I would like to commend Andrew Leary for the state of the
current code.

Kees van Eeten

--- FPD v2.9.040207 GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5
* Origin: My views are moderated by a virtual Penguin (2:280/5003.4)


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