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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12.73)
To: All
Date: Fri, 22.11.19 20:19
Squish on Linux (compile errors)
On 2019 Nov 22 23:32:18, you wrote to me:

OT>>> This might be a problem with some tossers, but it's not a problem
OT>>> with the Squish specification itself. It would surprise me, if
OT>>> Squish didn't use the original date for rescanned messages.

ml>> it cannot because it cannot store it properly... seriously, it uses
ml>> the file time record which only has 2 second seconds capability in
ml>> DOS... it should be using a different time record but...

OT> seriously, you are wrong Razz

you might want to look at those sources again, sir... we specifically tracked
this modified time stamp problem down several years ago... every message coming
via squish had the seconds in multiples of two... no odd numbers at all...

the DateTime record is a four byte packed longint... it is not a unix time
number... in C one would break it apart like so...

with the packed time in lTime:

sec = ((lTime>>0) & 0x1f)*2; // 0..60, only even values
min = (lTime>>5) & 0x3f; // 0..59
hour = (lTime>>11) & 0x1f; // 0..23
day = (lTime>>16) & 0x1f; // 1..31
month = (lTime>>21) & 0xf; // 1..12
year = ((lTime>>25) & 0x7f) + 1980; // 1980..2108

i repeat, squish is using the DOS filesystem datetime format for the message
date/time fields... the DOS filesystem datetime format is limited to 2 second

sorry to be the bearer of bad news...


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