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From: Torsten Bamberg (2:240/5832)
To: All
Date: Sat, 28.09.19 04:08
Allfiles generator
Hallo Sean!

26.09.2019 22:43, Sean Dennis schrieb an Shawn Highfield:

SD> I'll talk to Andrew about setting up Allfix. I like using NEF for
SD> files though since it was written specifically for Maximus/Squish and
SD> works well for me. We'll see.
Same here, I'm using NEF (FileFix) and SQAFix(AreaFix) on Ecomstation 2.2
My Filelister is FLM from Alberto Pasquale. It's quite old, but it works on
modern platforms. All other Filelisters, possibly written with pascal failed on
my hardware. Before I used MAXLIST3.xx for years, but this pascal-program traps
on modern ghz-cpu's.

If you want, I send you my setup and all necessary dll's.

currently i'm working on a 'high speed filelister' using max3.idx. It works
great, but got hardcoded language defintions. I've got to expand it from german
to other languages. I don't think, you would like to have german at your
filelist. ;-)

SD> Later,
SD> Sean
Bye/2 Torsten

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