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From: Alan Ianson (1:153/757)
To: All
Date: Thu, 09.05.19 04:41
Blue Wave & SemPoint
> sempoint does BW packets??

From what I understand yes, along with QWK also.. Smile

It can import BW or QWK to Fido *.msg, Squish, Jam, Hudson or EzyCom format. I
haven't used it myself but that's what the file_id.diz has to say.

The last version 2.26 is freeware.

>aside from that, here's a link to the BW structures but they don't say anythin
> about the line endings used...

I wish they would have said something but I guess at the time that's just the
way it was, so there was not much to say.

Thanks for your reply.. Smile

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