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From: Ken Johnson (1:213/720)
To: n/a
Date: Sat, 01.12.18 13:12
VC> Hello Robert!

VC> Sunday November 25 2018 07:17, you wrote to me:

>> Vince Coen wrote in a message to Tom Swartz:

>>>> Is it possible to get a registration key for ALLFIX v5.13 ?

VC>>> Registration keys are no longer required.

VC>>> Get an updated version from the allfix website.

>> What is the LAST updated version that does not require a key file?
>> I've tried the 6.xx releases and all they seem to do is peg out my /2
>> VM. Is there a 5.xx release that does not require a key file? And
>> finally, who is the current maintainer of the software?

VC> Ken Johnson has the sources (current) and is working on
VC> Allfix but I do not
VC> know the status of work/s.

It is a big project, and it is still in the work. I have been reversing a lot
of the mail tossing portion removed and just going back to only doing a file
tossing as was originally done.

VC> As far as I know all v5 where produced by the original
VC> programmer so the reg
VC> file is needed.

VC> I do not know if Ken still maintains the reg system and
VC> although I have the
VC> one
VC> from 2002 here it sits on a Linux system and it is not
VC> straght forward to use
VC> assuming I can or should. I got the code base to fix
VC> allfix in the 2000's but
VC> had a lot of issues with missing sources which required a
VC> major rebuild and my
VC> skill set with Pascal was just plain not good enough so I
VC> passed it back.

I do have the key system, but all the keys that I have attemoted to creat for a
v5 setup are failing. The v6.18 is the first verion that no longer requires a
There may be a key system in the future again, but it is not in the works at
this time.

VC> One area I was interested was getting both Filemgr and
VC> Allfix to compile using
VC> the FPC (Free Pascal Compiler). That way multi platform
VC> versions could be
VC> compiled how ever at least for Filemgr it use both
VC> internal Assembler and
VC> Assembler routines. Now many if not all of to be
VC> discontinued to use
VC> Pascal only as speed of moderm CPUs no longer present
VC> work flow when the
VC> Filemgr / Allfix runs there are still various problems to
VC> deal with and as I
VC> say my skillset with Pascal is now very rusty so I am
VC> hardly the right person
VC> for the task.

The way Freepasal handels variables to Turbo Pascal caused a lot of compile
failures. There were a lot of changes taht needed to be done. Changing a lot of
the assembler routines that were in the code needed to be removed (as they were
16 bit code, and Freeascal is a 32 bit) this needed to be re-written. And goin
g to a 64 bit even more changes are needed. This is a reason for a bit re-write
on a lot of the code.

VC> Can I suggest you try to use different products or
VC> versions to run Allfix
VC> under
VC> and see if that fixes the problem of having CPU workloads
VC> at 100% as this
VC> should not be happening. MAy be look at some other
VC> emulators of the Dos or
VC> other environments that you can run in your systems
VC> environment.

I am runnining my version of allfix on a esxi serverm running windows 8.1
32bit, and everything seems to be runnning without issues.
Of course I want to get a more native windows version as this will run more
natively, as well as a linux version. I run a lot of FreeBSD and Debian systems
and I want to get it so I can run it on these. This is one reason for the big
code change. I wosh it could happen overnight, but it is going to take time.


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