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From: Moderator (1:3634/12)
To: All
Date: Wed, 01.08.18 02:00
TUB Echo Rules
Conference rules for the TUB echo: rev. 29 May 14
Posting Frequency: 1st of the month.

This echo once again has a moderator/caretaker who actually
participates in Fidonet.

For those of you who might have tuned in by just linking to everything
available at your uplink, here's some basic echo guidelines for you.

The purpose of this conference is support for the Squish FTN mail
processing software written by Scott Dudley.

Squish is a companion to Maximus BBS and is a full featured mail
processing package.

Messages posted in this conference should pertain to Squish and Squish
related software. Some ancillary packages such as Sqafix may have
their own echoes. Those echomail conferences may be inactive however,
so discussion of any software which can work with Squish format
message bases is permitted and encouraged.

Usual rules of echomail etiquette apply at all times in this echomail
conference. NO test posts, etc. When a thread drifts off topic for the
echo move it to an appropriate conference or to private mail.

NO widget wars will be tolerated. This means operating systems, mail
processor packages and BBS software. This does not mean that a
discussion which addresses strengths and weaknesses of various pieces
of software is automatically deemed off topic however. Those with
common sense shouldn't have to be told when the line is crossed.

Should there be a violation of these rules it will normally be
addressed in netmail by the moderator(s) of this echomail conference.
At most you will see a post to the thread from a moderator requesting
that the thread be brought back into compliance with these posted rules
and guidelines. This message will be addressed globally to all. Any
other communication regarding rules violations or moderation issues
will be handled by netmail only. Since this echomail conference is only
relevant to system operators and those of point systems it is felt that
netmail should be sufficient for dealing with other moderation issues.
Posters who violate conference rules and guidelines more than once
within the same thread may be subject to possible bannishment from the

I'd prefer not to have to go that route however. Difficult to enforce
if somebody's intent on circumventing it, and most reasonable folks
shouldn't need it.

Gating this echomail conference outside Fidonet is not permitted.

Mark Lewis, moderator
Richard Webb, moderator emeritus

* Origin: (1:3634/12)
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