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From: Joe Schweier (1:342/200)
To: All
Date: Sun, 21.06.20 12:14
Install Disks
RS> Greetings Joe!

RS> 20 Jun 20 06:49, you wrote to ALL about an urgent
RS> matter!:

JS>> tracking says they are now in Canada...

RS> Congrats! I still think a instant download would have
RS> been quicker <VBG> Does it at least come on DVD or is it
RS> floppies? I found some of my old stuff on floppies when
RS> doing a little spring cleaning and I would not throw them
RS> out even though I have not a floppy drive anywhere! Good
RS> luck I hope your install goes well!!

Me too, I wrote a rather sarcastic email to Santronics recalling memories of
sending money to to programmers back in the 90's and waiting for my reg-codes
to come in the mail.

Nevermind SynchroNET and Mystic doing their stuff for free... I actually paid
money for WINS... paid for a year of AUP and paid to have an install disk...
I'm just days or months away and my WINS BBS will be up and running again.

I'll keep you posted.


* Origin: Joe's Mail System 1:342/200 (1:342/200)


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