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From: Daryl Stout (1:19/33)
To: All
Date: Tue, 29.06.21 17:37
Health Update
Well, I thought I'd give folks an update...from Doctor Quackenbush...
aka Groucho Marx...who noted "Either this man is dead, or my watch has
stopped". <G>

Seriously, I was concerned that I had glaucoma, as they suspected
such on an eye exam in March. A follow-up this last week showed that
my corneas were nice and thick, with an eye pressure of 9 in the left
eye, and 11 in the right (the highest it has ever been in either eye
has been 14). I think the threshold for glaucoma is 21. So, while I
do have astigmatism and double vision in the right eye at times, he
said I don't have to go back until December. One eye has always been
worse than the other...before and after cataract surgery 11 years ago.
I went from 20/2000 visual acuity before the surgery to 20/20 afterwards.

My appointments for blood work and a physical exam with my PCP, and
procedures with my urologist are 3 months late. In mid-February, two
back to back snowstorms hit the central Arkansas area...and one of my
clinics suffered significant water much so, that they were
closed for a month...then they had a huge backlog of patients. The
urology clinic was shut down, but they didn't have water damage. However,
they did have a backlog in patients.

Anyway, at the PCP blood draw, they thought I was dehydrated, as the
blood out of my left arm was real thick. I have been drinking a half
gallon of diet green tea citrus a day, as it's a diuretic...which has
kept me free of kidney stones for over a year now...and the caffeine
keeps the migraine headaches away. Well, at the urology clinic, out of
the right arm, they got the blood to flow just fine. I wasn't thirsty
at the time...but I had such a migraine sinus headache yesterday (June
28) that I ate and drank very little...since I couldn't hold my eyes
open (I did very little computer/BBS work), and slept much of Monday.
I can't just drink water, as it sets my colon off...but the diet green
tea doesn't. Drinking excess water for me is like I was swigging prune
juice...and we all know what that does. Razz

After a car wreck in January (which wasn't my fault), I had to
undergo $9100 of chiropractic care (but I didn't have to pay for
it). I bought a pre-owned car (Uber was costing $40 a day), but had
to pay for repairs on it (pre-owned cars are sold AS IS, with NO

Then, a device in one of the bathroom toilets failed, causing
the tank to overflow, flooding both bathrooms. I had to dig into
some of that insurance money because of medical, transportation,
and other issues. I'm to see if I can get a bare bones bathroom
rebuild in the coming days...but everyone has agreed that "if I
didn't have my health, it wouldn't do any good getting the bathrooms
fixed". I cried several days either side of my birthday over 3 months
ago...and nearly hung up on my cousin when she called, as I was so
distraught. I still haven't been able to schedule an upper and lower
GI, due to cost. Right now, there are no sinks or vanities in either
bathroom, the offending toilet has been shut down, and they have
stuff in the shower area. I have to go out to the kitchen to wash
my hands, but at least I still have one working toilet.

I won't know the bloodwork results for at least a week...and likely
will have to resume low-T treatments. If I become type 2 diabetic, that
will be a major game changer.


... Who needs veggies and nutrition? Give me the luscious fat!!
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